Good Friday

(Live-blogged via Twitter on April 2, 2010)

Previously on WWGT: Jesus Christ’s Food Revolution, Judas turns out to be a mole, Peter has some explaining to do.

RT @Jesus: I’m at Pontius Pilate’s Palace. #foursquare

RT @Pilate: Welcome to another edition of “Jerusalem Idol.” Text 6660 to vote for Barabbas. Text 7770 to vote for Jesus.

RT @Barabbas: I just ousted @Jesus as Mayor of the Jews!

RT @Pilate:  Earth to Jesus. Hello? Are you going to talk to me?

(John 19:9) RT @Jesus: RT @theMime: …

Lavarse las manos, Pilate.

Jesus sentenced to death. If this happened today, He’d spend next 20 years on Death Row while lawyers appealed sentence.

Also, Christians would wear miniature gas chambers or lethal-injection syringes around their necks instead of crosses.

Pilate’s henchmen treating Jesus like human pinata. (Matt. 27:30)

Wardrobe change (Matt. 27:28-29).

RT @Jesus: I’m at the 600 block of Via Dolorosa. Just earned the “veil badge” from Veronica @foursquare.

RT @Jesus: Walking tour finally ends at “Golgotha.” Guard says it means “place of the skull.” Not a good sign.

RT @Jesus: Nails being pounded through wrists. Pain unbelievable. Even for me, it’s hard not to swear.

RT @Jesus: Also makes it more difficult to tweet.

RT @Jesus: Father, forgive them. They are clueless.

Las Vegas not invented yet, so soldiers gamble for Jesus’ clothes. (John 19:24)

RT @Jesus: OMG! OMG! Why have you unfriended me?

RT @Jesus: Game over. (John 19:30)

Earthquake, solar eclipse and world’s first zombie invasion. Tombs open and dead people wander Jerusalem. (Matthew 27.52-53)

RT @Centurion: Oops! (Matt. 27:54)

CSI Jerusalem: Evidence indicates death by blunt trauma, loss of blood, suffocation.

@ArimatheaJoe and @NickyD wrap Jesus like a mummy, place him in rock tomb. Pilate posts guards.

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