Easter Tweets

RT @Jesus: I’m baaaaaaack. Top that, David Blaine!

RT @MaryMag: Just got to the tomb. Jesus AWOL.

RT @Angel: Rejoice, MaryMag. Jesus has risen from the dead, creating a vast new market for chocolate bunnies, plastic grass and Peeps.

RT @Peter: I went to the Empty Tomb and all I got was this lousy shroud. http://bit.ly/cAa7wk

1st-century episode of  “Undercover Boss.” Jesus goes incognito with two employees on Road to Emmaus. (Luke 24: 13-31)

Undercover Jesus reveals ID at Emmaus Cafe. RT @Disciples: OMG

RT @Jesus: Bingo.

Copyright © 2010 by Roy Rivenburg
Photo by Lin Pernille
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One Comment on “Easter Tweets”

  1. Donald Mills Says:

    Nice to see God getting with it and putting out some tweets. I think he’d be the first to admit this is a better medium for him – his really blog sucked.

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