The Last Supper

Artist rendition

(Live-blogged via Twitter in 2009)

Sending @Peter, famous apostle and first pope, back in time (via hot tub time machine) with Sony VAIO laptop.

p.s., Sorry Apple. I am the Lord your God, and I’m a PC.

Peter here. Still waiting for table. Maitre d’ won’t seat us until entire party arrives. Judas running late. Typical!

Judas finally gets here, seems nervous. Busboy clearing table.

Jesus getting ready to make the first toast.

RT @Jesus: Drink up, guys. This is my blood, which I’m sacrificing on behalf of everyone.

Wow, I didn’t see THAT on the wine list.

Another item not on the menu… RT @Jesus: This bread is my body, which I’m also sacrificing on your behalf.

@DoubtingThomas: No, this doesn’t mean we’re vampire cannibals. It’s about God’s forgiveness.

Uh-oh. RT @Jesus: One of you guys is a mole.

I guess that means dessert isn’t happening.

Time for a group picture! Everyone line up, please.

@Leonardo_da_Vinci: Dude, I don’t know how much longer we can hold this pose.

I knew it!! RT @CNNbrk: FBI links Judas to Passover betrayal plot

Judas also ducked out before the check came. Loser!

@Jesus: No way, Lord! I’m not “Judas Lite.” I’ve totally got your back tonight. Totally.

My review: Food & drinks out of this world. Service divine — no moist towelettes, but we did get our feet washed (John 13.4)

Boo-yah! After-Seder party at Garden of Gethsemane. Will tweet more when we get there.

Dark mood at Gethsemane, and now Judas is trying to crash the party with a bunch of armed goons.

Judas betrays the Lord with a kiss. Ewww!

I use sword to Van-Gogh one of armed goon’s ears, but Jesus heals him. Team Judas arrests Lord anyway. I capture their brutality on webcam.

Windows crashes. Video disappears. I TOLD God to get a Mac.

Jesus is being interrogated, Jack Bauer-style. I’m outside, but I’ve still got his back.

@servant_girl: Jesus? Jesus who?

@other_girl: Jesus? Uh, no habla Aramaic. (Matthew 26.69-70)

@random_bystander: Dude, I have never heard of Jesus in my life!

@rooster: Oh crap! (Matthew 26.74-75)

Copyright © 2009 by Roy Rivenburg

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